The Reklaws

The Reklaws tour poster
The Reklaws tour poster

Algonquin Commons Theatre hosted The Reklaws on their Winter’s a Beach Tour and brought along East Adelaide and Jade Eagleson to round out the night.

East Adelaide opened up the night with some catchy tunes which got the crowd going. Mike Robins showed us his guitar skills and even went into a smooth transition to playing Shawn Mendes’ – Lost in Japan

Next up is Jade Eagleson who brought that true country feel to the stage cowboy boots and all! They quickly had the crowd singing and clapping along with the tunes just as expected. We were even treated to a delightful rendition of Any man of Mine by Shania Twain who, as it turns out, is Jade’s all time fav.

The time has come and The Reklaws took the stage. Jenna started out getting the crowd going but Stu was no where to be found. 

Jenna called out for him and to the crowds shock he came out from behind the stands and into the crowd. 

They brought their high energy and signature sound right from the start.

This brother sister duo is Canadian bread and we cant wait to see just where these too are going to go.

For a full album click the link below

The Reklaws

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