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Howdy folks! The Week in Music is going Country! With the Boot & Hearts festival coming up we wanted to make sure you got your fix of country love.

Now take me home country roads!

August 7th

Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash

On this day in music back in 1954, Johnny Cash married his first wife Vivian Liberto. He went on to have 4 daughters with her.

He wrote the famous song I Walk The Line as a promise to be sober and faithful to her as long as they lived.

Unfortunately or fortunately as we all know, this promise did not last very long and he would later on leave Vivian for Country Starlet June Carter.

B.J Thomas
B.J Thomas

Happy Birthday to B.J Thomas who turns 77 today.

His most well-known songs include Rain Drop Keep Fallin’ On My Head and the original version of Hooked On A Feeling.

He may have ventured off into different genres of music in his lifetime, but he will forever remain a country boy.

This Week in Music – August 8th

Hank Williams Jr
Hank Williams Jr

Do you know why Hank Williams Jr.s signature look consists of sunglasses, cowboy hat and a beard?

Do you know why he is rarely seen publicly without the above?

Well on this day in music back in 1975, he had fallen nearly 500 feet while mountain climbing in Montana. He landed face first on the rocks below and split his head straight down to his chin, looking like someone had chopped his face with an axe.

He used his signature look to hide the scars from that horrendous day.

Mark Wills
Mark Wills

Happy Birthday to Mark Wills who has born on this date back in 1973.

He turns 46 today.

August 9th

The Urban Cowboy
The Urban Cowboy

The Urban Cowboy soundtrack hit number 1 on the Billboard charts and spawned numerous top ten hits.

This film has been deemed the biggest reason to the 80’s pop-country craze which is also known as the “Urban Cowboy Movement.”

Merle Kilgore - This Week in Music
Merle Kilgore

Merle Kilgore would have turned 87 today. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, I am sure you aren’t alone.

He helped June Carter co-write the country mega hit Ring of Fire and was the manager of Hank Williams Jr at the time of his death in 2005.

This Week in Music – August 10th

Brooks & Dunn - This Week in Music
Brooks & Dunn

It was on this date in 2009 when Brooks & Dunn announced they were breaking up after creating music together as a duo for 20 years.

As all of us country fans know, this break up didn’t last long as they reunited in 2015 and continue to tour to this day.

Jennifer Hanson - This Week in Music
Jennifer Hanson

Happy 46th birthday to Miss California 1994, Jennifer Hanson!

She happens to be a very successful country artist as well in case you were wondering.

August 11th

Hank Williams Sr. - This Week in Music
Hank Williams Sr.

On this date in 1952, Hank Williams Sr. was fired from the Grand Ole Opry due to being drunk and high on pain killers.

Seems to have been a trend in his very successful yet short career.

John Conlee - This Week in Music
John Conlee

I Got my Heart set on you knowing that John Conlee was born in this date back in 1946 making him 73 today!

August 12th

Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer - This Week in Music
Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer

On this date back in 1986, a shocking incident took place.

Shelby Lynne and her sister Allison Moorer has been on the run with their mother for almost a year when her estranged father found out their whereabouts.

He shot and killed the mother before taking his own life in front of the young girls. Understandably, neither sisters speaks about the incident but have been able to have successful careers despite their early life tragedy.

Buck Owens
Buck Owens

Country Hall of Famer Buck Owens would have been 90 years old today.

Dinosaur Victrola, listenin’ to Buck Owens, do do do looking out my backdoor!

This Week in Music – August 13th

Indiana State fair - This Week in Music
Indiana State fair

It was on this date back in 2011 when a stage collapse took place at an Indiana State fair.

Acts Sugarland and Sara Barseilles were not on stage at the time the high wings took down the stage, however 7 people were killed and 45 were injured.

Mike Melancon - This Week in Music
Mike Melancon

Happy Birthday to Mike Melancon of Emerson Drive.

This drummer turns 41 today.

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