This Week in Music – Vol 16

August 28th

Peter, Paul and Mary  - This Week in Music
Peter, Paul and Mary

This week in music starts with “I have a dream!

Before Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous speech to over 200 00 people, Peter, Paul and Mary performed the song Blowin In The Wind in front of thousands of civil rights protesters.

If you listen close enough, you may just hear the answer…

Jack Black - This Week in Music
Jack Black

Happy Birthday to Jack Black who tenaciously turns 50 years old today!

Did tenaciously make sense? Probably not, but I am not looking it up to find out.

August 29th – This Week in Music

Elvis - This Week in Music

Did you know that Graceland wasn’t Elvis’ first resting place?

On this date in 1977 with the King’s body being buried for barely two weeks, 3 crazy individuals were caught trying to steal Elvis’ body.

For what? Why?

These are questions we may never answer and it leaves me all shook up inside.

Michael Jackson - This Week in Music
Michael Jackson

Guess who is celebrating a birthday today?

Well, Michael Jackson may not be celebrating per se, but his fans sure will be!

He would have been 61 today. Hee hee!

August 30th

Usher - This Week in Music

Can anybody tell me what year Usher released his debut self-titled album? 1997? 1996? Hell no!

It was on this date back in 1994!

That doesn’t even make sense!

Lars Frederikson - This Week in Music
Lars Frederikson

Lars Frederikson of Rancid fame turns 48 today.

Whenever someone asks me what a punk is supposed to look like, Lars is my go to man for reference.

August 31 – This Week in Music

George Harrison
George Harrison

It was on this day in music back in 1976 where George Harrison was found guilty of ‘subconscious plagiarism’.

To this day, there haven’t been many head scratchers such as this one.

If you want to take a listen and judge for yourself, the songs in question are My Sweet Lord and He’s so Fine by the Chiffons.

Joe Budden
Joe Budden

Rapper and former Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden smacks his way to 39 today.

Nothing would make me happier than for him to come out of retirement to try and beef with Eminem on wax since he seems to have so much to say on his radio show.

September 1st

The Clash
The Clash

It was the beginning of the end for The Clash.

Lead singer Joe Strummer removed Mick Jones from the band due to his wanting to take a break during the bands highest point of popularity.  

Gloria Estefan - This Week in Music
Gloria Estefan

Grammy award winner and actress Gloria Estefan turns 62 today.

Looks more like 35…

September 2nd


An ad was put out on this date in music back in 1970 looking for a drummer.

That band was Genesis. Who answered the ad? No other than Phil Collins of course.

He would later become the bands lead singer in 1975.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

Happy Birthday to Keanu Reeves who turns 55 today?

Not a musician you say? Guess you never heard of the band Dogstar of which Keanu was the thumping bassist of the group.

September 3rd – This Week in Music

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra

It was on this date in 1942 when Frank Sinatra embarked on a solo music career.

I think that was a pretty good decision.

Jennifer Paige - This Week in Music
Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige turns 46 today.

I have to say that I may still have a little crush on her.

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