This Week in Music – Vol 15

August 21

John Denver
John Denver

Let us start this week in music with a Country singer who was born in Roswell, New Mexico.

The country roads that were supposed to take John Denver home must have had other ideas on this date in 1994.

John Denver has charged with a DUI after crashing his Porsche into a tree.

Of course three years later, he would sadly pass away in his newly purchased light plane at the age of 53.

Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers

You know who has celebrated 81 birthdays? The Gambler Kenny Rogers of course!

August 22 – This Week in Music

Martha & The Vandellas
Martha & The Vandellas

On this day in music back in 1964, Martha & The Vandellas released their huge hit Dancing in the Streets.

If you only remember this song because of the David Bowie and Mick Jagger cover in the 80’s, I truly feel sorry for you.

Tori Amos
Tori Amos

Happy Birthday to the creatively artistic pianist Tori Amos!

She turns 56 today.

August 23

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

The LAPD announced on this date in 1993, that Michael Jackson was the subject of a police investigation.

We would find out later what the charges were, and these charges would be at the forefront of all Michael Jackson discussions for the rest of his life and after.

Keith Moon
Keith Moon

Who drummer Keith Moon was born on this date back in 1947.

Sadly he passed away back in 1978 at the tender age of 32.

August 24 – This Week in Music

Shania Twain
Shania Twain

Do you guys remember when Canada’s country queen Shania Twain was almost killed in Syracuse, NY?

In a scary moment on this date in music back in 1998, lightning struck the ground maybe 100 feet from the back of the stage where she was performing.

God saved the Queen!

Ken Hensley
Ken Hensley

When researching musician birthdays, I tend to stick with those who I have actually heard of before.

Today is the first date where a name didn’t stick out to me. One thing that did stick out to me was the band Uriah Heep.

So without further ado, happy birthday to Ken Hensley who was a multi-instrumentalist who was best known for his work with Uriah Heep. He turns 74 today.

August 25

Aaliyah - This Week in Music

Tragedy struck this week in music on this date back in 2001. Aaliyah along with 8 others were killed in the Bahamas when the plane they were travelling in crashed.

The pilot was found to have traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system, however it was found that the plane likely was overloaded past capacity.

Billy Ray Cyrus - This Week in Music
Billy Ray Cyrus

Since Old Town Road is all the rage these days, let’s wish Billy Ray Cyrus a happy 58th birthday!

August 26

Creed - This Week in Music

Creed released their debut album My Own Prison on this date back in 1997.

Can you tell the difference between them at Nickelback?


Me neither

James DeBarge - This Week in Music
James DeBarge

James DeBarge turns 56 today.

Don’t feel bad if the name doesn’t ring a bell, but he was part of the family group called DeBarage who had a few big hits in the 80’s.

The one that sticks out to me the most is the song Who’s Johnny from the movie Short Circuit.

August 27 – This Week in Music

Macklemore - This Week in Music

What? What? Thrift stores became cool again thanks to Macklemore’s hit song Thrift Shop, which was released this week in music back in 2012.

Who wants to go pop some tags?

Jimmy Pop - This Week in Music
Jimmy Pop

Jimmy Pop of Bloodhound Gang fame turns 47 today!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for another Bloodhound Gang album.

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