Twins of Evil – Zombie & Manson

The Twins of Evil – Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson came to town Friday. Now I was still recovering from Boots and Hearts the weekend before and being extra sick, but this was something I wasn’t to miss. Zombie and Manson have both been on play lists of mine growing up and even still to this day I love to rock out with them from time to time.

Twins of Evil – Opening Act

Opening the night for the Twins of Evil is Palaye Royale. I don’t know much about these guys and unfortunately, we weren’t able to shoot them. From what I could hear then I got there it was a pretty cool set. The Canadian Tire Centre played host for the night and was only starting to fill by this point. I could imagine this wasn’t going to be a sold-out show, but it would certainly be a party.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson was second on deck for this night for the Twins of Evil. Manson has been in the headlines more than his fair share and also had his fair share of hits. We were only able to shoot 1 song from Manson but that was fine at least we were able to get in there. I’ve seen hime once before on tour with Slayer, but this time was different being so up close.

He came out with his signature style and sound and the crowd went nuts. They played some of the most well-known hits and had a blast on stage. Manson is starting to get up there a little bit so I am happy I got the chance to rock out with him and snap some pictures while I could.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie rounds out the night with the Twins of Evil. This man is a legend in both music and movies. He has been on so many playlists of mine I can’t even begin to count how many. He is also a master in the movie field directing some of the best horror/thriller flicks around. My fiancé absolutely loves everything he’s made. The band came up and started to rip it up and Rob burst on to stage full of energy.

He started out the night with Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown. Once the first one was finished, he made sure to demand that everyone who was there was there to party. Once the crowd was hyped up enough, he went into Superbeast and then to Living Dead Girl. I couldn’t help but rock my head out a little while shooting those songs.

There was even a bunch of super-sized balls being bounced around and Rob was having a blast kick them off into the crowd. He finished out the night with an amazing performance of Dragula.

This show was one that brought back all those nostalgic feelings when I was younger rocking out to all those amazing tracks. Rob Zombie is a beast with the energy on stage and his presence. Manson always comes correct with his sinister style and feel. The Twins of Evil was one hell of a show and so glad I was there for it.

Twins of Evil - Tour Poster
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