UK Highlight – YUNGBLUD

Today we have a special UK Highlight – YUNGBLUD. One of the most dynamic personalities of late, YUNGBLUD is a force of nature when it comes to community and respect for one another no matter age, race, gender or sexual orientation.


When Dominic Harrison hit the scene, he did it with the intent of speaking out for the disenfranchised. Coming from a rough background molded him into the person he is today. In 2017 he released his debut single “King Charles” followed up by regular releases which garnered increasingly large amounts of notoriety. His debut EP was released in 2019 which also included some previously released singles.

The Music

Fast forward to present day and the extremely unique times we are in we were invited to join in a conversation to talk about some current topics and about the upcoming sophomore release weird! which at the time of writing this is now out! We started with a preview of the new single Mars. Dom took the time to explain the meaning behind this song. A young trans girl who no one around her could grasp that she was different. She saved up to bring her parents to a YUNGBLUD show so her parents could see other people like her. This powerful message is only a small piece of the work Dom has put together.

There were a lots of people invited to chat and he made sure to connect a little bit with each and every one of them personally and answering all the amazing questions in such passion. He describes his first album as an angry work trying to be heard and then realizing there was people out there in the same space. This second album is about the people and the stories and if he couldn’t tell their stories he felt like he would have failed them.

This record is my fan bases words

Listening to Dom talk you can’t help but feel the passion in his words which translates into his music. He is a product of his influences but works to make them his own with a critical eye. “I very much see what I want it to look like in my head”. This is how he describes his vision for creating the visuals for all of his work also. With the current climate we are in this album here to help you feel like it’s all right being scared and to have questions and be different. “To be completely truthful is how you get answers and connect with people like you”

2020 has seen a destruction of the live event scene. As much as Dom would love to be playing Infront of everyone and connecting with the crowd personally he very much would like to just feel connected even if its digitally. I was lucky enough to be able to see YUNGBLUD live and I personally can’t wait to feel that feeling once again. The Weird time of Life tour wraps up on Dec 7th in Sydney.

I ain’t YUNGBLUD. YUNGBLUD is WE, YUNGBLUD is a culture of people who want to come together.

“What is the formula?”. The answer, simply “Tell the truth, connect to people person by person, there is no real formula”, and it seems to be working. Dom continues to be one of the most outspoken people for the youth of this generation. He is also speaking out agains’t other injustices like the BLM movement.

weird! is out now on all platforms. I, for one, can certainly say this will be added right into the rotation of my playlists. I can personally say that this has been one of my favorite pieces I have been able to write. This UK Highlight – YUNGBLUD is a showcase of passion and drive to bring like-minded people together in a community.

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  1. Great interview! I didn’t know he was such an advocate for the youth and shedding light to the injustice. Makes me love him and his music more!

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