Highlight – Carmen Deleon

Highlight - Carmen Deleon

Today we Highlight – Carmen Deleon

Carmen Deleon is a Latin megastar for a new generation. With a multicultural background and experiences from Latin America, the UK, to the USA where she calls home, Carmen Deleon is here to pump you up.

Carmen Deleon is no stranger to the music scene. Performing on The Voice Spain at only 19, Carmen quickly became a fan favorite, and stole the stage with her infections high energy performances that mirror her real-life personality.

Sitting down with Carmen at an online presser, Carmen opened about her struggles that influenced and shaped her music- namely her flagship track Volveras. After the earworm that was Despacito broke all perceptions of Latin music on an international level, Carmen realized that the time for Latin music to move beyond the community and finally take on the world.

Her Music

Carmen Deleon is making music for herself. If you walk away with anything from her music, it is being unapologetically yourself. In a rare moment of somberness Carmen describes dealing with the breaking down of relationships in her life. Growing up female, Latina, and a tomboy (she self describes herself as not girly enough to put on fake eyelashes), Carmen learned early on that holding on to negative relationships will only do more harm than good. While Volveras is on the surface about an ex, for her its about finally being heard.

“Volverás” is a song about the people who wrong you, in any type of relationship. How their own arrogance can keep them from seeing how they hurt you. The words describe the moment when you realize that those people don’t deserve you, and you make the decision to let them go.


The authenticity and earnestness of Carmen reflects on all levels of her music. Volveras was produced by Tainy. Mainstream listeners will know him as the producer behind Cardi B’s I Like It. However, Tainy is an icon within the Latin community, having worked with Lady Ivy, Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny and Alessia Cara. Carmen recounts how nervous she was to meet someone who is an icon in the Latin music scene. Carmen’s high energy and grounded sense of responsibility matched his however, and as a result she won him over which created a new bridge that will no doubt lead to amazing opportunities in the future.

Carmen, not unlike many other Gen Z artists know how to brand and hustle to get what they want. While Volveras may be Carmen’s foot in the door, her follow up hit Juegas released earlier this month proves that she knows who she is, and that she’s ready to play.  

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Highlight - Carmen Deleon

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