Spotlight – Dougie Nielsen

We have a brand-new Spotlight – Dougie Nielsen. We catch up with this talented up and coming artist to talk about his music. His new release We Ain’t the Same is now available on streaming platforms make sure to check it out below

Spotlight – Dougie Nielsen

Being that you are fairly new on the scene, can you tell us a bit about what the grind was like for your fans? 

Well I’m definitely still on that grind, but basically just getting the right crowd to engage with you is important. Not everyone is going to be a fan and that’s fine.

What made you decide to pursue music as something serious? 

Just the fact that I love to do it and I’d rather try something risky now and fully go for it rather than look back and say, “what if”.

You released singles last year, how would you describe those first releases in comparison to your latest?

Improvement. Learning how the production process works a bit more and getting a producer who understand the sound you want helps a lot. I’ve recently been working with Donnie Klang at The Loft Sound Studio and he really executes what I ask for, and you can expect more music were working on! 

Your latest single, “We Ain’t the Same” just dropped. What can folx expect from it?

This is a song you can work out to or to just feel good about yourself. We also have the video out on YouTube Vevo! 

Speaking of the single, it is a total club banger. What was it like working with SyBlayz?

Thank you! It was honestly so fun; I couldn’t ask for a better person to collaborate with. We both really played our part in talent aspects and we just fed off each other’s creativity so well that it was like cake! He also built 2 sets that you see in the video because him and his Fiancé Celvin are starting a set design company! 

I know you are working on one, but can we expect a new album anytime soon? 

Yes, I am working on an EP for now, I don’t want to put an album out just yet but I’m excited to show the world my different styles of music, sometime early next year!

You are a member of the LGBT community. Do you find that there is a specific aesthetic that people expect from you? 

I don’t think there has to be a certain aesthetic for anyone in the LGBTQ community, most artist in the community have a sense of abstract high fashion, but honestly there are not enough new gay singers to follow the path of previous gay icons whether they were out or not at the time.

Previous to being a singer, you also worked as a model. What made you head into that field? What are some behind the scenes that people might not know about? 

Well I always was a singer/songwriter before modeling, I actually got into modeling from people just telling me to try breaking into that industry as well. Modeling is a cool side job for me when available, but music is my main passion and priority. 

What are some similarities and what are some differences in those outlets do you see?

Some similarities would be that both industries have to keep focus on what’s new and trending and also 

Being as young in the industry as you are, do you find it is difficult to be taken seriously? 

Usually not. If other people in the industry are good at what they do they’ll know if an artist has talent or not and not base it off of age, but if I wasn’t taken seriously enough by someone, I just wouldn’t want to work with them and either figure it out myself or find someone new.

Spotlight – Dougie Nielsen

Being yourself and not pretending to be someone you are not is something particularly important to you. What words of encouragement would you like to tell people reading this?

Although it sounds corny, it’s very true that there is only one of you in the world. Everyone is different in some way. At the end of the day when you’re alone and only have yourself, who really cares what other people’s opinions are of you. Don’t show off someone you’re not to others because when those people are gone, you have to be happy and authentic with yourself. 

Since Covid restricted so much of what we love this year, what are some forms of self-care you practice? 

Trying to give myself some time during the day to just do what I want and feel good about it. Sometimes it’s writing music doing skincare, or just watching something.

With a lot of smaller and independent businesses struggling, what are some of your favorite local places you want to promote, give a shout out to?

I’m happy you asked this question. The Loft Sound Studio if you are on Long Island and want to record any type of music is a great professional studio. If you plan on doing any type of video shoot and are looking for a set to be built or a design, hit up SyCel Productions on Instagram, DM them at @syblayz or @celmac08. If you need a videographer for any type of video shoot and you want someone to really get your vision, use @boxvisuals, also DM him on Instagram. 

Finally, if anyone lives near me on the east end of long island, I would go to East End Fitness for a clean, safe, and updated gym! It’s a local business by me that I used to work at, and id love the support for them!

Also, anyone reading this who has local businesses near them, see if there’s anything you want that you could buy from them rather than huge companies like amazon and Walmart. 

What would you like to tell new readers and fans?

Thank you for all the support and stay tuned! A range of my music is coming out and I can’t wait for me to share my art with everyone!

Spotlight – Dougie Nielsen is a wrap! Big thanks to Dougie for chatting with us

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