Highlight – Tank and The Bangas

Highlight - Tank and The Bangas

Today we Highlight – Tank and the Bangas.

With a unique sound that redefines cultural boundaries, Tank and the Bangas should be necessary listening to for all audiences.

Growing up in Montreal, I was exposed to more music than my ears knew what to do with. Later in life you could just as easily catch me listening to Missy Elliot, Tiesto, or Cher. As a teenager I was known to frequent punk and ska shows. Nothing above prepared me for the absolute beautiful and majesty that is Tank and the Bangas.

Who are they

Tank and the Bangas hail from several US cities and are now based in New Orleans. The 4 friends bring together jazz, soul, hip hop, and infuse it with such a magical joy that one can only be heard and not compared. Playing the Liberation Lounge open mic nights, they are quick to realize that this is not a band but a found family. Hustling like no others, they danced and played their way into the charts, playing at the illustrious NPR Tiny Desk concert series in 2017. In 2019, they received a nomination for the 2020 Best New Artist Grammy. To say that Tank and the Bangas are living their best life, is a sentiment that can only be echoed by how deep they genuinely love each other.

Like many artists that were halted in their endeavors this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the band took some time to reflect on what is important to them. Their community, their family, naps. During a period of self reflection, a new song was of course birthed. You cannot keep that much talent and energy bottled up. Their latest single, Self Care is the product of many years of honing and sharpening their tools and talents.

Take care of yourself

“This was the time to really take care of your body and your mind and see where you are. Especially for me. I was able to just really think about some things. I needed my life to slow down for just a little bit, just to see what was going on. It was like an adult time-out and I really needed it.”

Highlight - Tank and The Bangas

Speaking to the band recently, it’s clear that this is the cultural and mental reset needed. This is necessary for a band that has been non-stop raising the pinnacle of their own achievements. While other artists have been fumbling to pivot to online shows and experiences, Tank and the Bangas know all too well how to run things on a shoestring budget. With nothing but soulful glances to their camera crew to get their angles just right, that playing on the fly and providing a unique sound is their cornbread and butter. Due to their big band jamming nature, no song plays the same way twice. This means that every listener is experiencing something new and magical.

Tank and the Bangas is one of the most emotionally powerful music and sound that has existed in years. Their latest single “Selfcare” is such the anthem for 2020- a year that has been nothing but usual. Tank and the Bangas, are a band with stories to tell. Proud, deep laughter to be heard, and nothing but soul.

Highlight - Tank and The Bangas

And thats our Hightlight – Tank and The Bangas. Want to say thanks to the band for taking the time to talk to use.

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