UK Spotlight – Kid Brunswick

We have a first this time with a UK Spotlight – Kid Brunswick. We got the chance to chat with this up and coming artist about his music and what it was like going through rehab. His newest release of 4am is out now so check it out!

UK Spotlight – Kid Brunswick

We do not get a lot of UK artists, tell us a bit about where you grew up, and the local scene

I listened to bands from the 90s and the early 2000s to inspire me to create one for myself. I grew up in West London suburbia. Most of my friends back then weren’t really musical or creative so I was pretty much an outcast.

Where does the name Kid Brunswick come from?

I lived on a road called Brunswick Road and I still feel like a kid.

Your 2019 album “we surround ourselves with chaos” is amazing. What was it like writing that and not knowing what would come of it?

“we surround ourselves with chaos” is more of a tape for me

Are there any tracks that really stick out to you? nevermine is probably my personal favorite track of the album.

4am really sticks out to me so far. I love that song and can’t wait for you to hear what’s coming next!

With the album though comes all the pressures of performing though, we will talk a bit about the lows as well, but those first initial joys of fame. What was the best performance that you think you did?

I don’t think that I’m famous, I’ve only performed a few number of shows. All of them were before I got sober so I didn’t get the chance to enjoy them. I can’t wait to perform again, but this time – sober.

You have described being on stage like feeling a lightning bolt run through you, and the electricity of the crowd. Being quarantined how do you keep that pulse going?

I remember saying that about making music but I’m very excited to perform as Kid Brunswick for the first time!

Something I find immensely powerful about you is how open you are in talking about your past struggles with your mental health and addictions. Thank you for sharing your story. If you can tell us a bit about what made you decide to seek help? Or at what point did you feel that it had become out of your control?

I was trying to end my life and when I nearly did succeed, that was the moment when I had a good number of people around me that helped me realize I was sick.

Going to rehab and helping to manage and put things in a different perspective has really worked for your music. Did you find that there were other ways it changed your life?

In every other aspect of my life, getting clean and sober has changed my attitude towards people. Towards myself and I find that I’m a lot more empathetic with other people and their feelings.

Prescription Kid was a massively breakout hit for you this year, it’s only been a couple months and it has well over a million plays on Spotify. What was it like watching this very raw part of yourself just blow up?

I wouldn’t say that anything has blown up yet. I’m still building a fan base and I appreciate all the listens that that song has been given. Yet, I feel like the best is still yet to come.

Your latest release, 4AM, is equally on point. Tell us a bit about that track, what it means to you.

Thank you! I wrote that song on my iPhone and I found it a very fun song to write!

UK Spotlight – Kid Brunswick

Of your 2020 releases I think SKINNY might be my favorite. It really gives me Trent Reznor vibes, but also elements of hip-hop as well. If you could tell us the inspiration behind it?

Thank you so much! My Grandad died from an alcohol induced coma and I wrote the song on that day. I was able to escape that situation by writing something that I was really proud of. I watched the Oasis Supersonic documentary the night before and I was completely sober from drugs and alcohol when I wrote that song on that day. So I was able to get a momentary release from all the emotions that I was feeling and I just wanted to go into a studio and scream our head off.

You have now dropped 4 massively popular singles: skinny, 4 AM, prescription kid, and penny. Can we expect a new EP coming out soon?

Yeah I’m releasing a lot more music this year, I’m excited to show you guys what I’m about to release.

How is your dog doing?

She’s good, she’s just dogging around, being a dog, doing dog things. I love my dog!

Obviously Covid changes up a lot of our 2020 plans. How are you staying sane and for others out there struggling what are some words of encouragement that you would like to give?

Everything in life bad or good doesn’t last forever. Try and make the best of the situation you’ve got with the understanding that it will change eventually.

What are some of your personal recommendations of local restaurants or local hang out spots you want to give a shout out to?

My basement apartment which I call ‘the penthouse’. I built a recording studio and it’s in the middle of the woods in North London. I love it!

What would you like to say to new readers and fans?

I love you all. Skulls forever.

UK Spotlight – Kid Brunswick is a wrap. Thanks to Kid Brunswick for chatting with us.

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