YUNGBLUD Live – 02 Forum

YUNGBLUD Live – 02 Forum in Kentish Town marks the first night back to a concert in something like 2 years! Filled with both excitement and emotion the crowd was primed for an amazing night. One of 5 sold-out shows in London, this show is such a welcome event to a covid worn fanbase.

This art deco cinema built-in 1934 has played host to countless numbers of amazing acts like Godsmack, Greta Van Fleet, Bush and so many more. The sold-out 2300 cap venue made you feel like things would be alright and brought be a piece of normalcy.

The Show

Anyone who has seen a YUNGBLUD show knows just how crazy the show can get. When Dom hit the stage, the whole crowd exploded with emotion. Starting out the night with Strawberry Lipstick everyone went nuts screaming and singing along. One of the key pieces of a YUNGBLUD show is the love of the fans and going crazy with them. Throughout the night the theme of accepting and believing yourself is shared with the fans. Everyone should be feeling love and feel acceptance and when you are at a YUNGBLUD show you are part of the family.

One of my personal favorite parts was the acoustic rendition of Casual Sabotage making things close and intimate for a moment that everyone was able to share. You could see the emotion of people’s faces with every moment Dom spent interacting with them, jumping into the crowd, and going nuts. Also getting to hear the new album weird! live was probably one of the most fun moments in a long while.

The setlist was 14 tracks deep including weird! I Think I’m Ok and Mars which has a very deep story behind it. A young girl wanted to bring her parents to a YUNGBLUD show to show them that there are people like her since she didn’t feel like she fit in anywhere. The Black Hearts Club is about love and a safe space. In this day and age this is such a powerful thing that people need. Closing out the night with an encore playing Charity and Machine Gun was the perfect end to an amazing night.

Closing out

Being back at a show is such a relief and YUNGBLUD Live – 02 Forum was the place to be. YUNGBLUD shows always make you feel at home and I for one left with a smile. I can’t wait to get to see more amazing shows and feel the love.

All Photos and review by Luna Perri

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