Bluesfest 2019 – Day 10

Bluesfest 2019 Day 10 is done, and this puts and end to an action-packed festival. We lucked out by having an actual nice day to finish things out. The time slots were tweaked a little bit making room for the closing act of the Backstreet Boys to put on a 2-hour set. These guys came organized with 14 big rig trucks ready to go. This is a stadium level show that was being brought down a notch to the outdoor stage.

It’s nice to finish off the whole festival with a nice day and good music.

Kyle Ivan

First up is Kyle Ivan on the City Stage.

This young local artist started out the night with a slightly shifted timeline but made it work.

He is comparable to a Shawn Mendes style of artist and knows how to play some tunes.

Kyle connected with the fans at the stage even if they weren’t as packed as he would have liked. He told stories about how he came up with some of his songs and his journey through music.

I am looking forward to hearing more from this Ottawa local.


Up next is the ever so talented VI.

Now I have got to experience VI several times and absolutely love her sound.

She is coming fresh off an appearance on the show The Launch. VI has come along so far in what seems like such a short time and is only going to keep rising.

She brought he signature sound to the stage which was slightly cut off for the Backstreet performance later on.

Even with that she still rocked out the large stage and the fans were loving it. The accompanying band rocked out and you could tell just how much fun she was having on stage.

Keep your eye open for this one folks, she is certainly going places and I am proud to say that I know her!

Francesco Yates

Francesco Yates is up next on the City Stage.

I have heard this guy’s name before, but I am new to his music and what a nice surprise.

He made sure to explode with energy and use the whole stage to his advantage.

His dynamic base player helped hype the crowd and make sure to keep the energy flowing.

One of the cool points about Francesco is he knows how to play a guitar! He rocked out and even played a Hendrix cover pretty well I might add.

His pop sound and funky base make for a unique combination and one I will make sure to listen to more.

Sugaray Rayford

We went over to the VideoTron stage to catch what turned out to be one of my favorite acts of the whole festival.

Sugaray Rayford is an award-winning blues musician and brought along his award-winning band to make sure we all rocked out.

The crowd was building nicely and Sugaray wanted to make sure everyone was shaking what they mamas gave them.

He even stopped the second track to scold people for not dancing enough. This was a country show, not a cheese and crackers show so he expected everyone to be having some fun.

With all the dancing and grooving on stage you literally could not help but have some fun.

I also couldn’t help but notice was his amazing shoes…. Something like those will be my next buy!


Last act before the main event is America.

This award-winning classic rock band has a very deep resume. They certainly brought out the hardcore fans and they filled up the place.

They catered to a demographic that countered the headlining act, but it was a good choice.

The crowd danced and sang along as they played some of their signature tracks.

The backing band kept right up with them and made for a rather enjoyable night.

The Backstreet Boys

Now it’s time to close out a massive festival with a massive act. The Backstreet Boys are back on their DNA World tour and stopped by Ottawa with their stadium level show.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to get in the pit and shoot but I made sure to stick around and watch some of the show and snap some pics from the crowd.

Cell phone shots aren’t the best, but I can officially say I got to shoot the Backstreet Boys live!

They came out to a massive roar of the crowd which was one of the biggest I’ve been a part of for sure! Starting out the night with Everyone, I Wanna be with You and The Call they got the fans on the edge of their seats.

Some of these songs bring back such a nostalgic feeling for so many people that you can’t help but love it. The boys came prepared with several outfit breaks and loads of choreographed numbers like only they could.

One of the best parts of the night was one of the last changes into RedBlacks jerseys.

In one massive final note the encore of Larger than Life and massive confetti left fans speechless.

There is no way you can say you didn’t enjoy the show.

With Bluesfest 2019 Day 10 and the whole festival wrapped up I am certainly ready for a break. After shooting thousands of shots and 61 acts over the whole festival you can’t help but say wow.

Coming up next, I will be breaking out the best and worst parts of Bluesfest 2019 and our favorite acts from the whole show.

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