Bluesfest 2019 – Day 5

Another one in the books and Bluesfest 2019 Day 5 is done! It was a pretty nice day out, not to humid and not to sunny which made for a comfy day. This was one of the shorter days from the whole Bluesfest Schedule which made for a smooth transition after a day off.

Unfortunately, Gashi had to cancel their set so we were down one, but the show must go on.

The Kim Pollard Band

The Kim Pollard Band on Bluesfest 2019 Day 5

First up is The Kim Pollard Band on Bluesfest 2019 Day 5

Now obviously there will be people in the line-up that I haven’t heard of and this was one of them.

They were set up on the VideoTron stage and the crowd was actually already starting to hang out.

Kim is a powerhouse in her own right and her band is right up there with her. The blues lives in her soul and she knows just how to show it to us all.

I found myself tapping along with the music while snapping shots which just goes to show how good it was.

The Bearings

The Bearings

Ryan was on deck to help split the load today and his first stop was The Bearings.

It just so happens that Ryan is well versed with shooting these guys having been their go to photographer for a while now, so I figured it was a good spot for him.

Their set was on the Bluesville stage which was nice and out of the sun.

The fans could enjoy the show and the band could rock out just like they need to.

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella - Bluesfest 2019 Day 5

I made a stop at the City Stage to check out Lennon Stella.

This incredible talented and beautiful singer is surprisingly only 19 years old and is already on her way up the ranks in this world we call music.

She took the stage and the fans were already going nuts. She sang some of her signature tracks and the people sang right along with her. Lennon even broke out her guitar to help out the band a little bit.

The stage kit was simple and elegant and lighting on point which only helped the performance hit home. You could tell just watching her on stage she enjoyed every minute of it and couldn’t help but smile when fans helped out!

This one was a highlight to start out the day for sure.

Sue Foley

Sue Foley - Bluesfest 2019 day 5

Up next is Sue Foley on the VideoTron stage.

The powerhouse blues/rock singer/guitarist is actually an Ottawa native.

It’s nice to see her come home. Sue has a pretty detailed resume of her own and even won a Juno!

She rocked out the stage like only she could, and the fans loved it! The band was right along with her rocking out while Sue shredded that guitar.

She played a few of her signature tracks including some from recently released album The Ice Queen

The Trews

The Trews - Bluesfest 2019

The Trews are next.

One of Canada’s more successful rocks bands in recent times, The Trews were set to rock the Bluesville stage.

They were on deck to rock out just before Kygo hit the big stage to close out the night, so this was a good place to be.

These boys have a great chemistry on stage and the fans always come out to see it. The whole tent was packed back as far as I could see.

They played some of their signature tracks and the fans sang and danced along with them right from the start.

I was only able to stick around for a small piece of the set but what I was a part of was awesome. Looking forward till next time.


Kygo Bluesfest 2019 Day 5
Kygo Bluesfest 2019 Day 5

Kygo is on deck for the main event. As a while known DJ you couldn’t expect anything less than an insane turn out.

His stage kit was simple yet intimidating all at the same time. We were expecting some insane lasers, smoke and even pyro and we were not let down.

There was a concern for the photographer’s safety, so we were allowed to shoot right up front and only for the first 2 songs. The LED walls lit up and the crowd went nuts. There had to be 10,000 people here or more screaming and cheering when the music started.

Kygo played some of his signature tracks and even had a tribute to the deceased AViCII which was nice. The whole night was spent dancing and singing with epic light show and the occasional blast of Co2 and Pyro!

This was a pretty awesome way to end out the night for day 5.

Closing out the night was nice. It let us all get a good kick off for the second half of Bluesfest 2019 Day 5

The next few days we have The Sheepdogs, Alexisonfire and DJ Pauly D! Who’s excited for what’s up next?

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