Bluesfest 2019 – Day 7

Bluesfest 2019 Day 7 was almost a complete wash. Storms came in pretty good and the first couple of hours were forced to be canceled. At about 7pm the doors opening, and things resumed. DJ Pauly D unfortunately had to cancel due to weather concerns as well as all the opening acts.

Shaky Graves

Shaky Graves - Bluesfest 2019 - Day 7
Shaky Graves - Bluesfest 2019 - Day 7

Morgan was on site to catch what she could. Her first one on deck was Shaky Graves.

The combination of Blues and Rock is surely needed today to get the crowd going.

The crowd, even if it wasn’t as big as it could have been, was coming out in droves.

The Bluesville stage was a good place for the show with great lighting and protection from the elements.

The crowd loved it and rocked out with the band the whole time.

Kane Brown

Kane Brown - Bluesfest 2019 - Day 7
Kane Brown - Bluesfest 2019 - Day 7

Kane Brown closed out the night. He was on the big City Stage and Morgan was in the crowd to catch it all.

Kane had a nice stage set up with catwalks so he could come out and vibe with the crowd.

He made sure all the fans could sing along with him by putting all the lyrics on the big scene to make it a big karaoke night.

One of the other big memorable notes was that he played a new stuff what wasn’t even released yet. Can’t go wrong being the first group of people to hear a new song. Kane mashed up several styles so even the people who weren’t his biggest fans got to have some fun.

A touching moment at the end was playing a track to honour the soldiers and the crowd all lit up their phone lights and made the night sparkle.

Even if Bluesfest 2019 Day 7 was almost a complete cancelation there were still some amazing music to be heard. We are glad we got to check out some of the acts even if it wasn’t as many as we would like.

Bluesfest 2019 Day 8 should bring out a nice crowd with acts like The Offspring and Alexisonfire rocking out the stage. I am personally crazy excited about The Offspring having grown up with them.

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