Bluesfest 2019 – Day 8

Bluesfest 2019 Day 8 what can I say. This was finally a full day with no rain and no cancelations on the books. The weather was half decent, not very humid and only mildly hot. We were in line for a few treats tonight with Alexisonfire and T-Pain closing out the night.

The whole team was there and ready to rock it out tonight.

The Dirty Nil

The DIrty Nil - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8

First up for the night is The Dirty Nil with Ryan on deck.

This Alt-Rock band is no strangers to some hard work playing 350 shows over the last 3 years.

They hit the stage and brought the energy pretty much right away. Luke Bentham always comes to the stage with that dynamic charisma we’ve all come to love.

They played their signature tracks and the interacted with the fans who ate it up. For an early time, slot, they still managed to pull a decent sized crowd.

It’s hard to say if they came out for early for the headliners but I’d like to think the dedicated fans come out for this one.


BlakDenim - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8

Second is BlakDenim on the VideoTron stage.

This multi-facetted band brings together some hip-hop groove with some funk vibes and a sprinkle of soul.

The crowd was pretty into these guys right away which was fun to see. With the smooth flow of Precise Kenny Creole and the harmony of Crystalena Paquette’s vocals make for one hell of a sound.

The bring in the horns and the sounds of the base and the beat of the drums and you can’t help but enjoy.

This one is a nice way to break into the day.

The Offspring

The Offspring - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8

Up next is The Offspring. Now most of you who are of the same generation as me know this band and grew up with them.

Songs like Why don’t you get a job and Want you Bad were staples in most punk rock playlists. This was one I was extra excited to see even though we weren’t allowed to shoot it show in the pit.

Vicky and I got in the crowd to enjoy the music and managed to snap a few cell phone shots which was good.

The diverse age range of the crowd was kind of interesting ranging anyways from 16 to 50 and every one of them was rocking out.

We stuck around for a fair bit and you could see how much the guys loved rocking out the stage. They even told the crowd it was way too long since they have been to Ottawa.

This was an amazing nostalgia moment for a lot of people including myself. Also, who doesn’t love Pretty fly (For a White Guy).

Busty and The Bass

Busty and The Bass - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8

Busty and The Bass was next at the VideoTron stage. This band was something new for me.

They came out with horns ablaze and showed us all a little funk.

Now it’s hard to say if the people were there lining up for T-Pain early or if they were there for these guys but regardless, they sure enjoyed it.

There was lots of dancing and grooving which made everything that much more enjoyable. In a surprise moment Ryan and I was asked to come back into the pit for a special moment about to happen.

Undenounced to us one of the fans had arranged with the band right at the end of their set to stop everything.

The crowd parted a little bit and then the young gentleman got down on one knee and a banner was passed out and then he proposed to his girlfriend.

Very excited she said yes! What a magical moment!


Alexisonfire - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8

Now we have our main event which is a double headliner. Alexisonfire is up first!

This was one of only 4 shows they were having this year so it for sure wasn’t one to miss.

George Pettit hit the stage and started out with a savage tearing off of his shirt.

The light show was pretty awesome as the boys rocked out the stage like only, they could.

Dallas Green chimed in at all the right moments with his smooth tone made hearing these guys live pretty amazing.

We all stuck around for a while outside the main crowd to catch the show and it was awesome.

The crowd was insane, not one of the most packed nights but certainly up there on Bluesfest 2019 Day 8


T-Pain - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8
T-Pain - Bluesfest 2019 Day 8

The other headliner for the night is T-Pain.

This one was a surprisingly massive draw for the crowd.

It was so massive they had to stop people from going in the museum side and they swarmed around the outside of the building.

The fans were packed from front of the all the way back over the hill and then some.

T-Pain was having so much fun stage and I was able to sneak in for one last minute to snap a few pictures thankfully.

He played all his signature tracks and they crowd ate it up.

People were going nuts and thankfully there was no serious problems because they many people can make things swing either way.

Bluesfest 2019 Day 8 was one hell of a night and thankfully I was able to bring my lovely girlfriend out to check things out and even help me with notes for this very review. It’s not every day she is able to come to work with my but this one was the right night for it.

Because day 7 was almost a waste we can’t help but love how this night tuned out. Tomorrow we have hip-hop night extraordinaire with the Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg + Warren G!

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