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Chris Webby had his last stop on the Raw Thoughts tour last night here in Ottawa. This was the first time I’ve heard his stuff personally and I was actually really impressed. The Diamond Mine Agency put on a sold-out show at Babylon night club last night and it was a good one!

Chris Webby – Career

Chris Webby - Live

The Connecticut native has been in the industry a little while now and this was his first time here in Ottawa. After releasing a hand full of mixtapes, he even hit the Billboard 200 charts. He also released a studio album titled Chemically Imbalanced which peaked on the US R&B charts at 2 and US Rap charts at 3.

We got to Babylon a little before the doors opening which gave us a chance to get ready for the show. Chris was at the venue already and taking some time with his all access pass fans. He snapped a few pictures, signed some posters and took the time to hang out with them before sound check. We then had a small meet and greet with the VIP pass holders of about 20 or so.

Once that was finished, we had a small sound check and Chris went to prepare himself for the night. The crowd started to fill in and the place started to heat up.

Ottawa locals

There was a handful of Ottawa locals on deck ready to open the night for everyone. First up was new comers Fifty50. These guys played the stage well and talked about bringing unit into the hip-hop community. Next up is Neyaf (Formerly C-Note) who played some new tracks for us. J-Havoc is next. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him on stage, but he is a seasoned performer and knows how to play his stage. The boys from Sudden Movement are next on deck and they brought a special guest in MXLCLM who rocked out some of their tracks together. Closing out the locals was vet Kenny Kingcon

Chris Webby – Tour Support

Up next we have the tour support. We had Anoyd, R-Mean and Rook on set stage with the tour.  You can tell these guys loved what they do, and they were emotional about this being the last stop on this tour. There was talk about tears and talk about how much they have been partying.

Main event for the night was here and the crowd was going insane. It was hot and humid in the building, but they were going nuts. Chris hit the stage and the fans erupted. They rocked out with him on every track he played. He told us everyone how much fun he was having on this tour and he was going to do something special for us. He played some signature tracks and even brought a retired track back for one night only since it had never been played in Ottawa.

Once he finished his set there was a small break. We then had another round of VIP meet and greets at the end of the night. He made sure that he took the time with everyone one of his fans and they all left happy.

I have to say that Chris Webby is an absolute professional and a killer on stage. You can see why he is so well loved by all his fans and why he does so well on stage. I for one can’t wait until he makes another trip back here.

Recap video coming up soon.

Chris Webby - Tour Poster
Chris Webby – Tour Poster
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