Crazy Horse Parking lot Party

This weekend was a perfect time to have a good old country get down. The Crazy Horse Parking lot party was the place to be if you were in for some good tunes. This 2 night event is brought to you by The Crazy Horse in Kanata. It typically fills out pretty fast. We have The Hunter Brothers and The Reklaws on the bill for us.

Night 1 – The Hunter Brothers

First we had the Hunter Brothers on deck. These real life brothers so in sync it’s almost like its choreographed. They know how to play some music and have nice harmonies between them. Their main goal for the night was to have fun even turning the whole party into a hoedown getting the crowd to line dance. I’m not much of a line dancer but it certainly put a smile on everyone’s face as they all tried to keep up with one another.

They played some mashups from songs they used to listen to growing including Cotton Eye Joe (Who doesn’t love that one). There was also a cover of We Will Rock You which was pretty awesome. They couldn’t forget to play a few of their signature tracks including a new release called Northern Lights and even some accapella tossed in there to round it all out. The Hunter Brothers are certainly never disappointing to see live and you can see how much they love what they do. They even got down in the pit to take selfies with fans. Pretty awesome start to the weekend if I do say so myself.

Night 2 – The Reklaws

Night 2 of The Crazy Horse Parking lot Party was all about The Reklaws. We have had the pleasure to see this brother sister duo a few times. Recently including a quick interview with them at the CMAO’s where they won best new group/duo of the year. Jenna and Stu always know how to have a good time on stage so I knew this was going to be fun no matter what.

The party filled out really nicely just like the night before and they music was rockin. One cool thing I liked is the cover of The Killers they played which they made it their own. They played some of their signature tracks including a brand new song for everyone. When they went into a nice mashup of their favorite party songs and they even managed to get the whole crowd singing “Im Drunk I’m Wasted” (Wish You Were Beer). They introduced their whole band as well and each member ripped out a quick solo.

The Reklaws know how to make it a real party and I can certainly say they did their jobs tonight. I’m glad I got to get out to this one for the weekend.

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