Spotlight – Young Astronomer

We caught up with local recording artist for our Spotlight –  Young Astronomer.

He is making waves in Ottawa and we asked him what has been up to.

The 24 year old up and coming hip-hop artist is booked to perform as an opening act on July 26th.

He is hitting the stage before Wifisfuneral (Interscope Records).

Official tour support by Camp Yola & 2$toned, presented by: The Diamond Mine Agency.


Most of you know Young Astronomer by his music created in the hip-hop collective SWiFTcrew.

They began in early February 2013 with songs likeRollin’, ILYMJParty GodsMunchies & their debut song “SWiFT living”.SWiFTcrew is as well known for their many live performances.

Most notably when they rocked a sold out show with Machine Gun Kelly at Algonquin Commons Theatre back in 2016.

Word on the street is that Young Astronomer is taking the next chapter to focus on his solo career. He releases his highly anticipated 3rd body of work “Against All Odds” later in the year.

For those who haven’t had the chance to check out his stuff make sure to check out his previously released EP’s. My Thoughts Exactly (2015) & Dreams in Space v1 (2017).

Spotlight - Young Astronomer

The latest singles in 2019 AwokenLuxury and the hit song Mix It Up recently garnered over 100,000 views on all platforms and shows real promise of success for the young rapper.

Bottom line, if you haven’t checked out Young Astronomer live in concert yet or heard any of his music, we strongly suggest you do because he’s a real star in the making.

“It’s all a process, I’m just happy I have the outlets to express how I’m feeling and how I’m doing with my music.” “If you’ve been feeling me and my tunes I really appreciate that, cause it’s real and like my music it’ll always be genuine so thank you everyone, I can’t wait to drop this new music, be sure to check me out on July 26th”.

Spotlight – Young Astronomer – Find him here.

Spotlight - Young Astronomer
Spotlight - Young Astronomer
Spotlight - Young Astronomer

Spotlight - Young Astronomer
Spotlight - Young Astronomer
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