Demrick came to Ottawa with the Stoner Nation Tour. This is the first time I’ve seen him live so I was looking forward to it. The Diamond Mine Agency knows how to bring out fun hip-hop shows. Along for the ride is Ottawa local Swisha – T for the whole tour.

Demrick 3

Demrick started out his career in Philly. After a meeting with Kurupt he convinced him to move to California and consequently releasing an album titled Philly 2 Cali in 2007. Over his career he has done some collaborations with many artists including Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9 and Freeway amongst others.

Demrick 1

The Venue

The Bourbon Room is host for the night. This club is the one that houses most of the hip-hop shows that come to Ottawa. This makes for an intimate night with some of our favorite artists and I for one cannot complain. It’s always nice when you can develop a relationship with the venue you are going to be at rather often.

In typical fashion, Ottawa sent out some of the locals to open up the night. We have a large list for the night featuring Doom Squad w/ BGK & K-Blitz, Ceerouse, JCapcity, MIC The Rapper, Cubez, Pachy P ft JDZL & Royal P. All these guys came out hard from the start and the whole crowd rocked out with everyone.

Tour support

Up next is Swisha – T. This man is one of Ottawa’s heavy weights and is well respected in this community already. Swish comes hard with each of his tracks and that lyrical skill like only he does.


Demrick on stage

And now its time for the main event. Demrick hits the stage and starts in with some of his signature tracks. He engaged the fans talking about his tour and even lighting up a joint right on stage! Everyone rocked out with him which made for a good close to the end of the night.

We look forward to the next time Demrick might come to town.

Demrick Tour Poster
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