Kenny vs Spenny

Such a simple concept. Two friends/roommates, agreeing to rules about a competition in which the loser must perform a humiliation chosen by the winning party. Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice were able to pitch this concept and get a TV show which depicted these competitions, but with a twist.

Kenny typically always chose to find an easy way to win which often involved cheating, and Spencer for the most part would try and promote good morals and would often play by the rules that had been prearranged. With so many shows under their belt such as, ‘Who do black guys like more’, ‘Who can lose the most weight’, and the notorious episode, ‘Who can make a better porno’.

Now that I have given you some context into how these men popped into the public consciousness, let’s discuss the show. The stage was simply set up with a sofa, a table, and a guitar.

The show consisted of juvenile bickering between the two hosts, some never before seen footage from their show, Q&A with the audience, and many jokes done in very poor taste which the crowd ate up none the less. Kenny, similarly to his character in the show, is constantly berating Spenny with insults much to the crowds delight. The crowd often joined in on the heckling while Spenny expressed his wishes of going home and not wanting to be there performing for everyone.

His most utilized comeback was asking the heckling fans where there successful show was, or which movies they have been part of. Just only lead to more insults directed at himself. Due to the amount of alcohol Spenny was seen consuming during the show, the lines may have been a bit blurred, and it is hard to decipher whether we were seeing the character of Spenny, or the actual seemingly depressed and worn out Spencer Rice.

I would imagine that the characters they portray on their show and during events like this are staged to some point, and some of the pranks and outcomes are strategically formulated in order to create a 30 minute show in which the audiences are fully engaged and waiting to see what happens next. These men know their target audience and will stoop to the lowest of the lows in order to keep them happy and entertained.

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