The Headstones

Rebel 101.7 and The Diamond Mine Agency teamed up together to bring Hugh Dillon and The Headstones back to Ottawa. 2 nights back to back at Barrymore’s Music Hall.

Front maned by Hugh Dillon, The Canadian Rock band has been shredding since 1987. After taking a hiatus in 2003 they reformed in 2011. Hugh Dillon is a well known actor as well. He has appeared in such titles as Flashpoint, Continuum and Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.

Their album released in 2013 called Love + Fury got them a top 10 nod and a #1 hit single.

Tour support

They brought Like A Motorcycle along for the ride on this tour. Never having heard them before I can say that they are a lot of fun to listen to. They set the stage for the boys and got the crowd hyped and ready to rock out the night.

The Headstones

The Headstones are well known for their live shows and how much they rock out. Their interaction with the crowd certainly did not disappoint in Ottawa. Hugh Dillon took to the stage and during the first track jumped from the stage. He made it to the tiny table/railing on the floor. He then jumped from there on to the bar. All of this being done while still belting out strong vocals. He even carrying a wired mic and mic stand over the crowd. He walked the back of the bar, jumped on to the other side of the table rail then made his way back to the stage.

The fans packed the floor and rocked out with the band the whole night. Hugh jumped in the crowd at one point and sang with the whole room. They played tracks like Losing Control, Let it Go, One by One and Fuck You.

If you thought just one night was crazy just imagine doing it all over again the next night.

I got the chance to meet Hugh and the boys after the show. He made sure to tell me to smarten up and bring a fisheye lens to the next show because I’ll get some amazing shots with that. He expected me to send him the good ones.

Got to say I’ve been a fan for a while. Getting to meet them in person was actually pretty cool as well.

I can’t wait to see them back in town again thanks to
The Diamond Mine Agency.

Headstones tour poster
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