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Twenty One Pilots live in Texas

Twenty One Pilots live in Texas is here but let’s go back to when I first started listening. I found them when I was 11 years old searching for music to listen to & I stumbled across “Car Radio” I instantly fell in love with their music. Eventually, I got into them and still listen to them every day. I was personally going through a really hard time & their music helped me so much, still to this day they continue to help me.

Their show was full of colors from blue to pink & yellow. So much emotion and pure energy filled up the room. If you want to see some sick drumming & jumping off a piano onto an air mattress, the “Icy Tour” is for you.

The lights Dimmed

The lights went & everyone started yelling in excitement.  The video being played on the screens was Tyler & Josh walking through snow, surrounded by icy mountains. They are greeted by a blue door that begins to shake & levitates into the sky right above their heads. Intrigued Josh lifts his arm & opens the door. They then appear on stage opening the blue door & exiting onto the stage with snow flying out of it matching the video perfectly, they then come right up & look out into the crowd while Tyler blows air into his hands mimicking the “icy” feeling as snow falls. They separate ways & kick off with “Good Day” off their most recent album “Scaled and Icy”. It’s a very bouncy & upbeat song.

Right after this refreshing song ends, a very unexpected mashup takes us right into the next song which is “No Chances”, a heavier-sounding song where Tyler is right smack in the middle standing on a riser with his arms wide open in a very oddly comforting yet scary pose. The 8 bishops are on the screen right behind him as he begins to sing. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get good photos as he was up there but surprisingly one of my favorites came from that moment! I love this song live, it gets everyone going, and jumping around.

As I was capturing photos I could hear the fans singing along behind me and it fueled me up, I sang along with them. This song in a live setting really grabs you by the horns. There is a slowdown & as Tyler begins to play his guitar snow starts falling, there’s even some really sick-looking smoke coming out of his ski mask which I loved!! My camera kept focusing on the snow but I got some good shots. He then ripped off his mask looked into the snow and jumped off the stage. This quickly leads into josh’s very energetic drum solo with the character “Blurryface” singing behind him which ends this song. I love how their set list is set up, to me, it’s a story.

Guns for Hands

The intro for the next song “Guns for hands” was one of my favorite parts of the show, it showcases clips of the older concerts they had back in the early 2000s. The video to me was a perfect way to show how far this band has come and just appreciate the time we have with them in the same room. The video audio merged perfectly into the song, everyone started clapping along instantly. The lighting for this song was perfect in my opinion, the blues & the reds match this song so well. This one is so upbeat but the lyrics are another story. If you listen closely you’ll understand why this song is a special one for me and many others. Josh killed it on the drums in this one.

Once I was out of the photo pit I sang along to the next song “Morph” with another fellow photographer who is now my friend.  I then went down back into the GA pit, reunited with my mom & enjoyed the show. I was running back & forth from the riser back during car radio back to the B stage. I loved the b stage setlist, Tyler played a song from each album and it just made me enjoy the moment and the room full of people who truly love this band just like me. Not to be emotional or anything but that part of the setlist really got me, some of those older songs like “Hometown”, “Addict with a Pen” & “Forest” are very meaningful songs so to sing along with other people who feel that way too, it’s a very comforting feeling. It also felt like a refresher in a way, it was very calm and felt very one on one.

In Closing

If anyone asks you for music recommendations or even a concert to go to, tell them about these guys and maybe catch them on tour and give them a listen.

The room was full of energy from the beginning to the very end, a room full of pure excitement & love for Twenty-One Pilots. This personally was my first arena show as a photographer and it a “Twenty One Pilots” show is so surreal for me, literally a dream come true. Looking back 8 years ago I would’ve never thought I would’ve had this opportunity. Taking my passion for photography & merging it for a night with my favorite band was so unreal. It was worth it, it was.

“Anyone from anywhere can do anything”. – Tyler Joseph

I hope to photograph them again in the future, it was a truly significant experience for me. Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed these photos.

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