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The Blog is the home to all the wonderful stories Hidden Beats is here to tell. We have amazing concert reviews from across North America from our amazing team.  We cover genres from Country to Hip hop and everywhere in between and some of the biggest artists out there! We add new stuff to the gallery all the time so you might just find our favorite artist and see a shot you’ve never seen before!

One of our favorite things is getting the chance to get some 1 on 1 time with superstar artists down to the local up-and-comers. We pride ourselves and bringing a fun conversation to the public so you can get a little more insight into your favorites and who’s going to make it big one day. We hear some amazing tidbits of knowledge and have some fun while doing it!

We don’t just cover shows or interview artists! From time to time, we get the chance to step out of the music world and take in some comedy, book tours, and even sports! We have the best team in the business so why not branch out a little and take in all that the world has to offer?

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